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You’re in the right place. On this Web site, you’ll find everything you need to make a confident, informed booking decision. We provide bios, audio or video clips, references, photos and promotional materials if required. Anything that you need is just a mouse click away. In addition, we’re a phone call away to happily answer your questions and make recommendations as well.

You can pick up the phone and call us or fill in the convenient booking request form located at this link. An agent will then contact you to discuss your event.

There is no set answer to this question. However, as soon as you know your event is confirmed you should book it, I can’t think of a good reason to wait. As with most things, the sooner the better, waiting longer means the act you want might get booked elsewhere. However many acts are booked with just a few days notice. With Giggles we have access to so many acts that we are confident we can make your event the best one yet, no matter when you call us.

We can offer you a wider variety of acts than you could ever find on your own and save you time and possibility of hiring an act that is not suited for your audience. Many other agencies call us to secure these acts so by dealing directly with us you are dealing with the source that can address all your concerns. We only work with dependable acts, you may see a good act but you know absolutely nothing about them, we know everything about them. We know whether they are reliable and what they typically charge. Some buyers express a concern that by working with an agency means they will pay more for an act. While we do earn a commission from each act, we tend to get more favorable prices because we deal with them on a regular or exclusive basis. You may hire them once but we hire some acts over 100 times a year. This saves you money in the end. In addition each show is guaranteed with a professional contract which reduces any chance of miscommunication.

Corporate entertainment is suitable for corporate and association meetings, conferences and convention. It usually must be clean and non-offensive.

Chances are they call us to book that act.

Since you’ve booked through Giggles Comedy Agency, you can be assured several suitable replacements will be available to entertain your guests. Do not panic, generally we can secure you an act as good or better. A more expensive act may take a booking at less than their normal fee at the last minute, as they know they are helping out their agent when they are in a bind and there will be a payback for them down the road.

Yes, it is important to have good sound system. We’ve booked the best talent from Giggles; let’s make sure your audience can hear them. We recommend you have two microphones, one as a back-up in case the first one falters. If a corded mike, the longer the cord, the more the comic can work the stage area. If cordless, make sure you put in a fresh battery that night since it will be on for the complete show it will drain quickly. Microphones on a lectern are not acceptable; they only work for speakers who must use notes, not for entertainers. Lighting is equally important so the audience can see the performer. If uncertain speak to your agent, we want this show to be successful as much as you do. Most hotel banquet rooms do not have proper sound and lights. There is a link on our entertainers’ page to an AV company for Toronto clients.

Every situation is different and you must discuss this at the time of your booking. The negotiated fee does not generally cover transportation and hotels if the booking is more than 3 hours from the home base of the performer.

If the performer is driving to the event, directions and a parking space must be provided. If they are flying then someone or arrangements must be made to get them from the airport to the hotel & venue and back to the airport. A “ Green Room” at the venue where performers can lounge waiting for show time and where they can store their non-stage clothes & coat (please provide adequate security or a key). Water on the stage is important for each performer (closed bottled water). A veggie/deli tray in room isn’t required but does make them feel special and the end result for you is that they work that much harder.

The deposit enables us to secure the services of the performer and lets them know that it is a firm offer. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable unless the performer cancels the engagement and we are unable to find a suitable replacement. If we are able to find a suitable replacement then the deposit is transferable. The performer turns down other work offered on that date and as a result must be compensated. As well they must be compensated the full contractual amount if for any reason you have to cancel the show within 60 days of the engagement as the chance of them finding replacement work is nil as corporate functions generally book many months in advance.

Do you want any last minute surprises? Neither do we! A contract is prepared to protect both parties; it is always in your best interest to have a contract.

One of the cornerstones of our philosophy is to only work with acts we have seen perform live and have personally met. If you would like to be considered for representation, please contact us through our contact page.

Entertainment prices depend on a number of factors such as the date of the event, location, travel, and production requirements. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.